Fernand Payraud – Plastic Artist, Designer and Creator

Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters

Fernand Payraud was born in France in 1947, originally from Haute Savoie he is plastic artist, designer and creator. He shows his work in art galleries, international art exhibitions and other prestigious locations in Paris, New York, Geneva and Monaco. In 2006, he was made "a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters" by the Minister of Culture in Paris. He works through new and re-discovered materials. He uses polymethl methacrylate, as in his frescos and paintings. He has also created a brand and model registered at the National Institute for Intellectual Property.

Fernand Payraud does not follow the usual rules of his craft. Established in the field of the Arts for more than 40 years, this light-loving, insatiably curious designer and inventor produces new creations to express a concept which he has been nurturing in his mind for years: the impulse to create works that fill spaces with light in glowing and subtle colours, works which can be hung and thus occupy a new space turned towards a contemporary art de vivre in diametrical opposition to existing clichés.

Form and material then inspire him to create a lighting system to meet current standards, magnifying the work as a whole without destroying the chromatic expectations of the artist.

He creates as a composer writes a refined, finished opus, but his work is dedicated to light.

Payraud pursues his quest to liberate his creations from their usual earthly shackles.

He uses transparency to revamp his creation and release it from its original canvas onto a more modern medium, while still playing with the subtle dangers of the technique. Not content with his quantum leap relative to his early painted work, he brings more freedom to his creations.

The overriding concept is to use a space to harmonise colour, light and material.

The artist seeks to employ his transparencies to free himself from emotional constraints, while he contemplates his beloved Mont Blanc glaciers, with that strange sensation of translucence which the sun gives him.