Abi James

Interiors - Decor - Retail

Each lodge/project is treated as a unique consultation, offering my best design advice I think possible for that project. My style is organic and natural mixed with beautiful fabrics and wall art pieces, however I would never overlap looks between each lodge and I enjoy the challenges of making each project its own bespoke beautiful look that is totally relevant to its area.

One-off site visit consultation - $350/day (plus expenses from Lusaka to site)

This is usually a day or 2 day trip to the lodge/site to do a complete design consultation. All areas will be looked at from bedroom details to buffet layouts to chitenge area restyles and including how to re-style the existing furniture and layout. The client's aims and budget will be considered in all design suggestions.

A full written report follows with detailed advice and ideas for the client to follow up on.

Daily rate for follow up on Design consultancy - $225/day (plus any necessary travel expenses etc)

This is if you are wanting further design and sourcing involvement in certain aspects of your lodge but not a full re-style or refurbishment as such. Usually a follow on from a one-off consultation and would tend to be for the smaller more design led areas you would rather have an interior designer do - sourcing fabrics/organizing designed pieces etc.

This can also be sourcing in South Africa for fittings/fabrics etc where I am based.

Full re-style of lodge/home – project price quoted (plus any necessary travel expenses etc)

This is a full interiors consultation and then personal follow up in all the interiors areas creating a finished re-styled look. Areas include creating new designed furniture pieces, textiles (bed throws/cushions/curtains etc), art pieces/smaller design touches and complete re-style of feel of your space – creating an updated and unique detailed finished look.

Full re-furbishment or new build of lodge/home – project price quoted (plus any necessary travel expenses etc)

This is a full design re-furbishment/new build consultation and then personal follow up in all interior/exterior areas creating a finished complete look. This an intensive and far more detailed look including looking at details from bathroom fittings through to lodge and interior layouts through to the final touches, with sourcing within Zambia and in South Africa and Africa.


Art pieces – bespoke pieces designed for a specific area or wall space – I look at the style in the space and use materials and design it to complement and feature beautifully in the space. Art mediums I have used are – painted canvas, carved and painted wooden panels, beaded linen arts, leather embroidered canvas, painted dugout wooden art pieces, twisted wood installations etc – whatever I think works in the space!

Textiles – bespoke textiles ranges to work with your lodge/home – beaded linens/dip dyed natural linens/embroidered/crocheted. Individual high quality handmade ranges specific in sizes/qtys and style available on request.