Degre Eco-Construction and Property Development Limited (DECPD) will undertake research and post on its website information and publications related to Eco-Construction and Sustainable Development Project in Zambia.

The Zambian Construction sector faced a stable growth during the last decade and the National Council for Construction (NCC) recorded an annual growth rate of 17% with an average of 25,000 people employed both in the formal and informal sector (CSO). The sector has also been selected by the government as a key area to enable economic growth. The construction sector holds a great potential for improvement in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions deriving from the built environment.

The few large companies involved in housing construction develop middle and high cost housing residential areas that most families cannot afford to buy. In terms of quantities, these housing estates are minor compared to the magnitude of the informal sector and the housing backlog. The existing housing backlog and the demand for housing indicate that the sector will increase dramatically and that there will be a need for economic and sustainable type of construction. DECPD intends to play a role in developing affordable eco-friendly housing, training young Zambians in new techniques of building, encouraging specialists in the field to come to Zambia and undertaking research in green building and sustainable development.

Some Useful links

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2. Vision 2030 took into account the all housing stock, including formal, informal and illegal ( squatter) housing.

3. Republic of Zambia,2006. Vision 2030, A prosperous Middle-income Nation by 2030. Lusaka, Zambia.

4. The National Long Term Vision 2030 is the "Zambia's first ever written long-term plan, expressing the country's aspirations up to the year 2030"; "Vision 2030" foresees in 2030 the end-date for predictions of urban housing need.

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